SAP Sailing Analytics Webservices API for Landscape Management - Overview

The services listed herein can be used to automatically manage aspects of a system landscape running the SAP Sailing Analytics. This includes creating a new application server replica set for a server name, archive and remove such a replica set's contents, as well as managing the AWS credentials including MFA token handling that allow accessing the hyperscaler infrastructure in the first place.

ATTRIBUTION / BRANDING: If you make use of this API, SAP requires you to include SAP branding in any end-user facing interface or document that is based on the data, information and insights you obtain through the use of this API. A good place to get started regarding SAP branding tips is Please also note that those APIs granting access to the original position and weather data requires the accessing user account to have special permissions.

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Webservice URL Description
/sailinglandscape/api/createsessioncredentials Creates AWS session credentials, including MFA support
/sailinglandscape/api/getsessioncredentials Gets information about active AWS session credentials, telling their expiry time.
/sailinglandscape/api/clearsessioncredentials Clears any active AWS session credentials
/sailinglandscape/api/createapplicationreplicaset Creates a new application server replica set
/sailinglandscape/api/movetoarchiveserver Archives an existing application server replica set's contents
/sailinglandscape/api/removeapplicationreplicaset Removes an application server replica set without archiving it
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