SAP Sailing Analytics - REST API - Web Services Overview

A number of web services are available for the SAP Sailing Analytics. Note that different server instances exist, and not all servers hold the same data. Usually, events get their own URL which is then made sure to point to an application server cluster holding the data for that event. So, may end up on a different server instance than or Usually, we hand out a per-event or per-series URL, such as the ones above (except which is the general landing page), and you would only fetch the content for the event you're interested in, even if the cluster you're targeting with your request has more. In all subsequent explanations, you may replace the "" hostname by an according per-event host name to make sure you get to the event you're interested in.

ATTRIBUTION / BRANDING: If you make use of this API, SAP requires you to include SAP branding in any end-user facing interface or document that is based on the data, information and insights you obtain through the use of this API. A good place to get started regarding SAP branding tips is Please also note that those APIs granting access to the original position and weather data requires the accessing user account to have special permissions.

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