SAP Sponsorships Engine Security Webservices API

URL: /api/restsecurity/users_with_permission


Finds the usernames of those users who have the permission specified, through direct assignment, group membership, or roles assigned, considering object ownerships and ACLs on the object identified by the permission. The permission must name a single specific object ID. Example request:


Request Method: GET
Output format: a JSON array containing the user names. Example output:
Mandatory parameters:
permission: cdescribes a permission string in the typical format TYPE:ACTION:OBJECT-ID. Example: permission=EVENT:DELETE:587e5fef-53ea-47f0-a71b-1fc29053b4f0. A single action for a single type with a single object ID needs to be specified.
Example: curl -X GET ""
Will provide a JSON document as explained above.