SAP Sponsorships Engine Security Webservices API

URL: /api/restsecurity/has_permission


Check whether the subject has one or more permissions. The permissions have to be provided as one or more permission query parameters. The result is a JSON array with one object per permission requested. Example request:


Request Method: GET
Output format: a JSON document of the following format:
				"permission": "EVENT:CREATE",
				"granted": true
				"permission": "EVENT:DELETE:587e5fef-53ea-47f0-a71b-1fc29053b4f0",
				"granted": true
Mandatory parameters:
permission: can occur multiple times and describes a permission string in the typical format TYPE:ACTION:OBJECT-ID. Example: permission=EVENT:DELETE:587e5fef-53ea-47f0-a71b-1fc29053b4f0. Each colon-separated part can instead use a asterisk * character to mean "all". Omitting trailing parts is equivalent to providing an asterisk for them.
Example: curl -X GET ""
Will provide a JSON document as explained above.