SAP Sailing Analytics Webservices API Version 1.0

URL: /api/v1/remoteserverreference/add


Updates a remote server reference on the target server. The reference is looked up by its name (not the URL). If the include parameter is provided, it is used to update this attribute on the remote reference. The eventIds will always be updated to what the request provides; in other words, if you want to only modify the include flag you have to pass the current set of eventIds as obtained from /sailingserver/api/v1/remoteserverreference for the respective remote reference.

The service requires the requesting user to have permission SERVER:CONFIGURE_REMOTE_INSTANCES:{SERVER_NAME} for the server to which the request is sent.
Webservice Type: PUT
Output format: json
Mandatory parameters:
remoteServerName, the name for the reference.
Request method: PUT
Example: curl -X PUT -d 'include=false' -d 'remoteServerName=Local8889' -d 'eventIds=97cac659-6d23-4d86-9b60-44c1447b6e88' "http://admin:admin@"
produces output:
	  "remoteServerName": "Local8889",
	  "remoteServerUrl": "",
	  "include": false,
	  "eventIds": [
which describes the server reference that was updated by the request.
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