SAP Sailing Analytics Webservices API Version 1.0

URL: /api/v1/regattas/{regattaname}/races/{racename}/markpassings


Gets the mark passings of the race specified, keyed by competitor and again keyed by waypoint. The mark passings for each competitor are ordered by the waypoint sequence; the mark passings for the waypoints are ordered by the time at which the competitor passed the mark..
All slashes contained within the {regattaname} and {racename} parameters must be replaced by "__" (double underscore).

Some fields that describe the mark passings may need some explanation: trackedRankAtMarkPassing is the rank as determined at the mark passing for the competitor using the regatta's ranking metric. This means that these ranks do not always have to correspond to the order in which the mark is being passed, especially for handicap ranking. For one-design, this will match up with the order of passing. The raw passing order is described in the trackedRankAtMarkPassing field which, as the name suggests, gives 1 for the first boat passing the mark.

The pointsBasedOnPassingOrder field maps the mark passing order through the scoring scheme, considering score corrections and penalties based on the time point of the mark passing but ignores discarding rules and column factors. For example, a UFD penalty will be considered from the first waypoint on, but a DNF will not be considered until the competitor has passed the finish line or the race end time has passed. This way, pointsBasedOnPassingOrder will, e.g., give one point to a competitor rounding the mark in second place if the competitor rounding in first place has a penalty that already applies at the time point of the mark passing, such as an OCS or a UFD or BFD.

The netPointsBasedOnPassingOrder field is based on the value of pointsBasedOnPassingOrder and applies the discarding rule (reporting 0.0 for a score discarded) as well as column factors (e.g., doubling the score for a medal race in a regular low-point scoring scheme).

Webservice Type: REST
Output format: Json
Mandatory parameters: None
Optional parameters: leaderboard If provided, this has to be a leaderboard containing the race identified by the path parameters. In this case the leaderboard identified this way will be used for rank/score/penalty/IRM determination. It defaults to the name of the regatta, therefore by default using the regular regatta leaderboard. Usually, this will equal the regatta name provided, but, e.g., in the case of elimination leaderboards other options are possible.
Request method: GET
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