SAP Sailing Analytics Webservices API Version 1.0

URL: /api/v1/regattas/{regattaname}/structure/{raceColumn}/{fleet}/course


Gets the course of a race by using the regatta structure. The leg distance and bearing is taken for the time point when the first boat enters the leg, or for the start of the race if no mark passing exists for that leg yet, or for the start of tracking if no start of race exists, or for "now" if no start of tracking time point exists, either. The total distance is computed as the sum of the leg distances, therefore not necessarily representing the total course distance at any single point in time.
All slashes contained within the {regattaname}, {raceColumn} and {fleet} parameters must be replaced by "__" (double underscore).

Webservice Type: REST
Output format: Json
Mandatory parameters: None
Optional parameters: None
Request method: GET
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