SAP Sailing Analytics Webservices API Version 1.0

URL: /api/v1/masterdataimport


Triggers a Master Data Import from a remote server. If no remote server authentication is provided the master data import will be triggered with the current user context.

Webservice Type: POST
Output format: json
Mandatory parameters:
remoteServerUrl, the remote server from which to import.
leaderboardgroupUUID[], the UUIDs of the leaderboardgroups to be requested from the remote server.
Optional parameters:
Use either username and password or bearer token, not all three parameters.
override, whether to override a leaderboardgroup already available on the server. The default is false.
compress, use only if remote server instance is at least running with commit 0fbf6071dea125bec4a56dee55d61c99def4a62e. The default is true.
exportWind, if false no wind data will be imported. The default is true.
exportDeviceConfigs, if true exports all the device configurations for the race manager app. The default is false.
exportTrackedRacesAndStartTracking, if true exports all the tracked races and starts the tracking. The default is true.
progressTrackingUuid, must be in UUID format, such as 123866298-8b0f-4291-9ab1-6b2a1fa93829; if provided, this can be used to track the master data import's progress
Request method: POST
Example: curl -X POST -d "remoteServerUrl=" -d "leaderboardgroupUUID[]=75e86618-8b0f-4291-9661-6b2a1fa47dff" -d "targetServerUsername=admin" -d "targetServerPassword=admin" -H "Authorization: Basic YWRtaW46YWRtaW4="
produces output:
         "leaderboardgroupsImported": [
             "id": "75e86618-8b0f-4291-9661-6b2a1fa47dff",
             "name": "MyTestEventWithStrangeCharact/er*s",
             "events": [
        "importedFrom": "",
        "override": false,
        "exportWind": false,
        "exportDeviceConfigs": false,
        "exportTrackedRacesAndStartTracking": false
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