SAP Sailing Analytics Webservices API Version 1.0

URL: /api/v1/leaderboards/{name}/autocourse?race_column={name}&fleet={name}


Sets an inferred course in the race log for the race identified by the leaderboardName, raceColumnName and fleetName, using a RaceLogCourseDesignChangedEvent. The RaceLogRaceTracker will take the event and update a TrackedRace's course accordingly.

Note: An existing course layout for the race identified will be replaced by the new, automatic course layout. New marks will be added. Repeated execution for the same race, while possible, is not recommended as it will lead to multiple marks with the same name.

Several "magical" and heuristic rules are applied to find a course that is better than no course. For this, the method looks for tracks recorded in the TrackedRace. If no track is found for any of the competitors, no course design is created and no corresponding race log event is added. If one or more tracks are found, the tracks are analyzed.

Start: When a race start time or at least a tracking start time has been set for the race, the tracks are analyzed around that time. A start line is defined as the course's first waypoint such that a majority of the tracks cross that start line, with a "start boat" on the starboard side of the line when viewed in crossing direction, and oriented such that it is perpendicular to the average course of those tracks that cross it.

Finish: When no end of race, finish time nor a tracking end time has been set, a hypothetical finish line is "guessed" as 12h after the start time, spanning the tracks at that time with the leader just crossing it.

Other course marks: If a wind direction is known from a source other than the race course-based estimation, e.g., a maneuver-based wind estimation, a manual entry, or a sensor measurement, transitions between upwind, downwind, and reaching sections will be separated by adding a ControlPoint with a corresponding Waypoint such that the waypoint is passed at the leg type transition. This will allow for better analysis of legs split by their type.

Webservice Type: REST
Output format: Json
Mandatory parameters: race_column, fleet
Optional parameters: None
Request method: POST
		{"race":{"regatta":"Croatia Test 2017-08-31","race":"Croatia Test 2017-08-31 R1 Default"},"course":{"course":{"name":"Auto-Course","waypoints":[{"name":"Auto Start Line","passingInstruction":"Line","controlPoint":{"@class":"ControlPointWithTwoMarks","name":"Auto Start Line","id":"d1ee476f-6ca3-4d1e-b3cd-6305a97ebeba","left":{"@class":"Mark","name":"Auto Pin End","id":"14e168d5-3bf1-48fe-a194-2078d47d995d"},"right":{"@class":"Mark","name":"Auto Start Boat","id":"304a325b-12f7-4880-b7fe-1bf6d3a5cd1a"}}},{"name":"Auto Start Line","passingInstruction":"Line","controlPoint":{"@class":"ControlPointWithTwoMarks","name":"Auto Start Line","id":"c8d64a6b-4017-45c9-998a-dad0db4e5951","left":{"@class":"Mark","name":"Auto Pin End","id":"fa11cc7a-48a4-4c1c-8a70-4a3535496754"},"right":{"@class":"Mark","name":"Auto Start Boat","id":"bd761c9c-aa64-4c1d-86b6-56d3b0a934ee"}}}]}}}
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