SAP Sailing Analytics Webservices API Version 1.0

URL: /api/v1/leaderboards/{name}/marks/{id}/gps_fixes


Adds a single GPS fix as fixe for the mark. This is done by adding the fix to the GPSFixStore and creating a millisecond-long device-mapping in the RegattaLog attached to the Leaderboard for an artificial device ID used only for this fix.

Webservice Type: REST
Post data input format: JSON
Output format: HTTP 200
Mandatory parameters: None
Optional parameters: secret: in case the given secret is equal to the one stored in the regatta defined by {name}, further security checks will be skipped.
Request method: POST
Example: POST{name}/marks/{id}/gps_fixes

      "timestamp" : 14144160080000,
      "latitude" : 54.325246,
      "longitude" : 10.148556
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