SAP Sailing Analytics Webservices API Version 1.0

URL: /api/v1/leaderboardgroups/{name}/migrate


Migrates the given object to a new owner, it will also attempt to update the related structure of other domain objects, to ensure a consistent result

Webservice Type: PUT
Output format: empty
Mandatory parameters: migrateCompetitors should the competitors be migrated as well
migrateBoats should the boats be migrated as well
createNewGroup determines if the migration will happen into a group that will be created (also required for currently unowned objects)
Optional parameters: existingGroupId group that should be changed, required for createNewGroup = false newGroupName name of the new group, required for createNewGroup = true
copyMembersAndRoles determines if the members and roles are copied (default: true)
Request method: POST
Example: curl -X POST -H "Authorization: Bearer w9YSIfr/Zf6a127SZDddkhdAtQuuv0Jm1PSXlo1Yvd0=" " Sailing Series 2016/migrate?existingGroupId=4bc6747a-2975-42c8-a31b-365d0bca6197&createNewGroup=false&migrateCompetitors=false&migrateBoats=false"
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