SAP Sailing Analytics Webservices API Version 1.0

URL: /api/v1/leaderboards/{name}/competitors/{competitorId}


Gets the leaderboard-specific version of a competitor

Webservice Type: REST
Output format: Json
Mandatory parameters: None
Optional parameters: secret: in case the given secret is equal to the one stored in a regatta with the same name as the {name}, further security checks will be skipped
Request method: GET
Example result:
    "idtype": "java.util.UUID",
    "id": "d455db1b-fd52-4144-a8e2-3eed503467b0",
    "name": "Dagobert",
    "shortName": "D",
    "sailID": null,
    "displayColor": "#ABCDEF",
    "searchTag": "atag",
    "nationality": "GER",
    "nationalityISO2": "DE",
    "nationalityISO3": "DEU",
    "flagImageUri": "http:\/\/flagimage.url",
    "team": {
        "name": "Donald Duck",
        "coach": null,
        "sailors": [
                "name": "Donald Duck",
                "description": null,
                "nationality": {
                    "IOC": "GER"
        "imageUri": "http:\/\/teamimage.url"
    "boat": {
        "idtype": "java.util.UUID",
        "id": "35712e80-578f-418d-bcbd-9a3d0e391982",
        "name": "Donald Duck",
        "sailId": null,
        "color": null,
        "boatClass": {
            "name": "GC 32",
            "typicallyStartsUpwind": false,
            "hullLengthInMeters": 10.0,
            "hullBeamInMeters": 6.0,
            "displayName": "GC 32",
            "iconUrl": "\/gwt\/src\/main\/resources\/com\/sap\/sailing\/gwt\/ui\/client\/images\/boatclass\/GC_32.png",
            "aliasNames": [
    "timeOnTimeFactor": 2.4,
    "timeOnDistanceAllowanceInSecondsPerNauticalMile": 10000.0
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