SAP Sailing Analytics Webservices API Version 1.0

URL: /api/v1/courseconfiguration/getFromCourse/{regattaName}/{raceColumn}/{fleet}


The service reads the current course for a race and returns it using the course configuration model.

Webservice Type: REST
Output format: Json
Mandatory parameters: None
Optional query parameters: tags: Tags to filter mark properties for. This is only relevant if a course is loaded that was created based on a course template. In this case matching of MarkProperties to MarkTemplates that aren't covered by regatta marks is done by also using the given tags as a filter criteria filter.
Optional Query parameters: optionalRepeatablePart: JSON object that if given defines the part of the sequence that can be repeated in lap. The following properties must be given:
  • zeroBasedIndexOfRepeatablePartStart (required): offset of the first waypoint to include in the repeatable part. Must not be out of range for 0 <= i < count(waypoints).
  • zeroBasedIndexOfRepeatablePartEnd (required): offset of the first waypoint that comes after the repeatable part. Must not be out of range for 1 <= i <= count(waypoints) and must be > zeroBasedIndexOfRepeatablePartStart.
numberOfLaps: The number of laps to create based on the repeatable part. Also required if a non-null optionalRepeatablePart is defined.
Request method: GET
Example: /api/v1/courseconfiguration/getFromCourse/{regattaName}/{raceColumn}/{fleet}
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